Holographic Kinetics

Holographic Kinetics (HK) is the most effective mental health healing therapy around today, achieving fast results in so many areas. 

Are you locked in old, negative repetitive patterns of behaviour? Do you have a negative repeating story occurring in your life ?

As with all things in nature there is a beginning and end with all cycles and that includes our own situations, behaviours and even our thoughts. 

In traditional counselling we are encouraged to retrace back into our past to learn where certain behaviours or traits that we possess originate from. This is so clients can bring their subconscious matter out into the open, by bringing awareness as to why they behave in certain ways. 

subconscious responsible for 95%

In traditional counselling that is not always possible, if the beginning of that particular cycle was pre-verbal or too traumatic for us to hold on to and we have ended up burying it deep in our subconscious as a form of self preservation.

Secondly, in traditional counselling even if we link past events to current issues, we then have to navigate around and through the story to make sense of the plot, not only can this be time consuming but we may well be reinforcing feelings of vulnerability especially in issues involving trauma.

This is where HK transcends all other therapies as we can confidently access the beginning of the cycle of the issue we wish to change, see the connection with current behaviours, thoughts and emotions and clear that timeline to end that cycle and begin a new one, free from the baggage that has held us back. See some of my testimonials below, all of which were taken after just one session.

How does this work? We all have a spirit; it is the life force behind our very existence and therefore our Spirit  has the awareness of how, why, where and when. As Spirit is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient.

As a powerful divine creator, your spirit can make the instant changes in your own life by consciously acknowledging the effect of the cause and letting it go. HK, founded and formulated by Steve Richards (link for Steve’s holographickinetic.com website at bottom of page), works directly with your own spirit to access the start of the cycle (dimension) of the particular issue you wish to change, acknowledge and understand what was done to set up the repeating cycles of behaviour. 

Only your spirit can access and make changes to those moments in time, from the invisible into the visible. 

Whilst we can make big changes to our lives by just acknowledging and aligning with our Spirit, it is only through HK that we can clear many of the bigger issues that have held us back. The reason for this is that many of the deep seated issues are brought through time either from a past life or coming through the hologram of time down the Genetic ancestral line. And as powerful as we are, as spiritual beings we can only be in one dimension at a time, therefore as HK practitioners via kinetic testing we can find out where the origins of the issue were first created if they go back in time and thus direct spirit to access those moments in time.

Once we realize how instantly we transformed those big obstacles that have held us back, once we have re-aligned with our own spirit and remembered our true power and potential it is the game changer that we have been searching for.

Why Holographic Kinetics is in a league of it’s own:

  • Most advanced mental health healing modality available
  • Transcends all other therapies
  • Most natural and humane method for healing trauma
  • 60,000 years of Australian Aboriginal spiritual knowledge
  • An Ancient spiritual practice explained through modern science
  • Non- invasive
  • Unnecessary to experience the initial trauma during the session
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All of the indigenous cultures that have passed before us on this earth knew that everything was alive in nature and that everything had a spirit (the life force). Human beings having evolved as spirit through the octaves of all that is in nature became conscious beings and thus divine creator spirits.  HK has given us the tools to utilize our true potential and create the reality we want for ourselves and loved ones.

This has nothing to do with any form of New Age healing, hypnotherapy, shamanism or other alternative modalities (See Game of Life). And one certainly doesn’t need to be spiritually, evolved, enlightened or gifted, nothing could be further from the truth, as we all have a spirit and therefore can make the changes at the root cause as everything in nature has a beginning, middle (story) and an end.

HK founded by Steve Richards, is based on 60,000 years of cultural knowledge and the understanding of Universal Lore. (Please see the link at the bottom of this page for Steve’s holographickinetic.com website).

Why is HK so successful? It permanently clears the trauma of locked in events from the past. See my page here to find out How Hk works and the Science behind HK.

Your spirit looks at the body as a whole, whether it’s from passed lives or has been passed down through the generations of your ancestors. We can become stuck in repetitive cycles of time, within it’s own dimension, continually Repeating Negative Behaviours. Fortunately, as our spirits are able to access the Multi – Dimensions of Man we can easily make the changes required.

Time is Always cyclical

Are you stuck in repeating patterns? Time is not linear, time is always cyclical, whether that is emotional, psychological or physical?

Trauma sets up cycles of detrimental repeating patterns, affecting us in our past, present and in our future. By accessing the original cause in this lifetime (not necessarily traumatic) our own divine creator spirit clears this moment in time, eliminating the repetitive patterns and behaviours.

Clearing all forms of addiction. Are you the abused or the abuser? No judgement passed, no right or wrong.

spirit free will creator of our world internal to external

HK gives you back your power as a divine creator being in this Game of Life.

Ego Stages

Does our subconscious mind affect our behaviour?

When you consider that even if our conscious mind does not hold a belief over a certain issue, our subconscious mind does.

The sub conscious is responsible for 95% of our decisions, impulses, reactions, behaviours and emotions and therefore is certain to have an impact on our actions, whether that has a positive or detrimental affect on us or those around us.

Our behaviour is related to our emotions and because the subconscious mind controls our emotions, we can see how this is the biggest aspect in taking back control of our own lives. 

Universe Responds to Frequency

Please note HK has nothing to do with trance work, it is not hypnosis related and is not shamanic healing. Nothing is invited in to help heal or clear you, you have everything within you to make the changes you require. Our results have proven this time and time again. As a qualified HK practitioner i will facilitate the changes that you require so that you can create the future you want for yourself.

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