Steve Richards

Steve Richard’s Holographic Kinetics is a combination of over 30 years of researching metaphysics, Spirituality, Religion, Hypnotherapy, Gravit-o-Biology, Quantum physics, Radionics, Kinesiology (covering 10 modalities), Kinergetics, Body Electronics covering Iridology-Sclerology Integrated diagnosis, Health and Human mind, Psycho kinetics, Psycho kinesis. And over 50 years of learning, researching and experiencing how and why the universe works in the way it does

Steve has worked with top practitioners in other areas of Alternative health in trying to understand the power of the subtle bodies, from a holistic approach in the creation and removal of imbalances, that are the main reason for most illness.

Steve was awarded the 2005 Life awards certificate from Suicide Prevention Australia. Steve was also nominated for the 2005 Human rights medal award and was selected for inclusion on the Torres Strait Regional Authority consultation register 2004-2006. He was also nominated in the 2007 Australian of the year awards.

I sincerely thank Steve for teaching me the old ways, for helping me to clearly align what i always knew was within.

Steve’s latest interview