Universal Lore

LORE is universal, it is immutable, it cannot and is indeed unable to be changed. It is natural law, it has always existed and will always exist. Everything in the universe is governed by these laws and that includes each and every one of us too.

In our world that we live in today, where technology has taken a strangle hold on most cultures, where we don’t take the time to witness and acknowledge nature at play, where we have been socially conditioned to accept change on an almost minute by minute degree, this may seem a somewhat alien concept. However universal lore has always been known by the indigenous cultures of the past and is the root of all learning. It is knowledge incorporating creation and transcends all dimension, including dimensions of reality. It recognises the life force of all living things known as Spirit, it is also where man’s ‘unwritten common lore’ (common law) derived from.

Lore is Universal law maintaining balance at all times.  Within the start of all creation there are two opposing forces, balance and imbalance, expansion and contraction.

Holographic Kinetics founded by Steve Richards (of Aboriginal lineage), is based on 60,000 years of cultural knowledge. The Australian Aboriginal’s knowledge of the ‘laws of Lore’.

Only Spirit can make changes in time

The Master key to the universe is awareness

Holographic Kinetics has been put together by Steve Richards for future generations to understand so that they may be aware of LORE and keep balance within their internal created realities, of all that is created by the very act of man’s thoughts, word, deeds and actions.

“LORE is knowledge of the Universe, it consists of a system of laws and wave formation known as cycles, to stay in balance, swinging like a pendulum but always seeking balance as that lies between the two opposing forces, within all created realities, action and re-action, cause and effect.” Steve Richards

co-created realities

So how does this relate to Holographic Kinetics and the the ability for one’s spirit to clear multiple issues in one session. Firstly, to acknowledge that every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause and that every action has a reaction.

What is karma for example but ‘Cause and Effect’. Karma is sometimes mistaken as punishment or remorse for sins, which in turns can become related to a judgemental or patriarchal god. However when seen as simply universal lore bringing the balance of creation back into alignment, we are more readily able to accept our personal responsibility and embrace the empowerment of creating our own realities. There are consequences to all actions in the universe and this can travel with us through the wormhole of time from a Past Life or come down the hologram of the Genetic ancestral line if, as spiritual beings we have not learnt our life lessons. The universe does not judge, take sides or punish it simply keeps everything in balance. Why we return with no memory of previous lives (which would make things far easier i’m sure) is open to debate and such websites as http://www.trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/index.html share some very interesting concepts and ideas. Regardless, when we take responsibility for our own creations and acknowledge we have set up our own reality for ourselves, we no longer remain trapped in that particular cycle or dimension.

intent + karma

“Man’s created universe of mind is is a universe of dimensions” Steve Richards. Multi Dimensions of man

There is no judgement in the universe, there are only balances or imbalances. All things created are permitted to experience their own creation. When those creations have been experienced and the creator of that experience is ready to let go of their experience, the universal mind will bring that created universe back into harmony, through balance, back to its point zero. Your mind has the free will to create another universal experience of imbalance.


All creation is governed by LORE and is only complete after it has travelled back upon itself, completing a 360 degree cycle, this represents completion within its own separate dimension of time, so does all that we think and set into motion, as it must within its own dimension of time enfold time and space upon itself for completion, this could take 1 second, 1 hour. 1 year, 100 years a 1,000 years etc. During a HK session our spirit has the ability to enfold time and space, to enter the dimension where the priority issue started and then complete the cycle. once we have acknowledged the cause and effect, the action and reaction.

Time is cyclical

When you put out a creative thought and there is no resistance, the manifestation of that creation you put out for, will transmute, from the invisible world through to the visible world” Steve Richards

God is Energy

When man achieves this awareness he will be conscious of all his creation within his universe and not a slave to the created illusions, which he creates” Steve Richards