About Andrew

i came into Holographic Kinetics (HK) off the back of trying out many different types of therapy and healing modalities over a 30 year period. Initially in a quest to find a solution for clearing seborrheic dermatitis without the use of damaging steroids and pharmaceutical drugs.

A good understanding of how important our diet is became obvious after observing so many contradictions in main stream literature. This was the catalyst to look beyond the status quo and search for real answers to real problems. 

i came to realise that diet, living environment and emotional state were all intrinsically linked and thus a quest for solutions and healing that really work was undertaken.

Later, a 3 year counselling course certainly turned over a few rocks and boulders and thus highlighted a few glaring discrepancies within myself that were hiding in plain sight. Comprehending boundaries both in myself and with others became the foundations for healthy living and the knowledge of never under-estimating the power of cognitive dissonance was a life long lesson.

Answers are within

The 3 year counselling course and subsequent training and continual comprehension of my own behaviours was paramount on my journey but continued to leave more questions than answers.

Shadow Self

Looking outside the box for answers was always in my repertoire and fortunately a strong intuition (spirit) kept me grounded, when grasping for the quick fix would have left me up the proverbial creak without a paddle on more than one occasion.

Action + Reaction. Point Zero

From the moment i first learned about Holographic Kinetics (HK) i knew i had found what I’d always been searching for…the ability to heal myself. However due to the previous false flags I’d encountered i remained patient to observe the outcome of my first HK course.

The first HK course i attended in London (2017) did not disappoint. i felt a shift in me that was beyond comprehension prior to that week long course. Whilst counselling taught me boundaries, HK gave me the freedom to implement them whilst maintaining honour and integrity, bringing an inner peace i did not think possible. On a personal level the timing for me attending the first course could not have been better, on a collective level i am now in a position (after attending a total of 4 courses) to facilitate others during these challenging times.

The simplicity and yet complexity of HK sounds like a paradox, however the results gained from this modality are anything but paradoxical and speak for themselves.

Thank-you Steve Richards, thank-you HK for teaching me the old ways again, for facilitating my re-integration with my spirit, giving me the knowledge and comprehension of just how powerful we truly are and how we can fully take our power back and create the life we want.

The story behind the building of my office (see below) is a perfect example and great indication of how, with the right intent and aligning with our spirit, we can create the reality we want for our futures.