Multi Dimensions of Man


To fully comprehend Holographic Kinetics we have to step outside of the mainstream way of thinking and look at the body holistically to acknowledge that we are multi-dimensional beings with invisible parts e.g spirit, chakras, aura, meridians, soul etc, as well as the visible parts : physical body and all it’s organs. Kirlian photography demonstrates this, see below.

Kirlian Photography Human Aura
Spectrum of Kirlian Aura

Kirlian photography proves the existence of the many levels of energetic aura’s we have around our body’s.

As a species human beings are virtually blind when it comes to what we can see with our eyes. Anything that exists outside of visible light does not cease to exist just because it is beyond the visible light spectrum.

Multi Dimensions
Visible light spectrum. Color waves length perceived by human eye. Rainbow electromagnetic waves. Educational school physics diagram. Scheme nanometer, rays electromagnetic spectrum illustration

What do you mean by Spirit?  

Your Spirit is the life force that animates you. It is that spark of life that looks out through your eyes everyday, it is beyond your genetic make up, beyond your everyday thoughts beyond your ego, beyond all the knowledge your intellect thinks you know, it is present with all this and yet can be shrouded by it, by the ego, by the soul etc etc. But it is ever present and just patiently waiting to start working with us as mind precedes all, spirit will work upon our instruction.

Spirit is simply a life force that is ever present and witness to every moment of your life. Your Spirit is connected to the greater source of life, your Spirit is an aspect of something greater, therefore it has access to everything that has ever happened that you are connected to. Indigenous peoples understand and know that all things have a living Spirit within.  Every Tree, every animal, every insect, every rock, all life including you.

Hopi Prophecy

HK can access and clear other dimensional forces that enter through drugs, alcohol, trauma and many other way. This occurs as the drugs allow access to other dimensions of reality, this then allows other dimensions to enter through reciprocal exchange of energy, which can create voices in the head, multiple personalities, compulsive disorders and more.

HK does not use hypnotherapy, it recognises the multi dimensions of man, with man consisting of a life force called Spirit. Hypnotherapy only works with the Soul, the Soul cannot make changes to your Spirit but your Spirit can access and make changes to not only your Soul memory but all the other dimensions of your being.

The greatest deception ever played on mankind has been to disassociate us from our true nature. This deception has taken place on many levels through religion, through education and through science to name but a few. When we truly wake up to who we really are it is game over for the manipulators of the human race.

magick bestowed upon humans
Cybernectic Seance
CERN Tarot Deck

Interdimensional Interference

If one has followed the countless clues down the rabbit hole and if cognitive dissonance doesn’t kick in when having to acknowledge uncomfortable and challenging information, everybody i have ever met always come to the same conclusion, that control of this planet takes place in the shadows, beyond visible light. One will also find evidence time and time again of the Secret Societies that pervade human history and the control therein that they have established in all the power structures of the world including Governments, Law, Banking, Religion and Military. Along this journey of discovery one will hear, from the very mouths of individuals who have been a part of these Secret Societies, the strange and warped rituals that take place usually but not always consisting of a sexual theme.

What are these rituals? Why do they take place? What benefit do they gain? As an example why do institutes such as CERN perform dark, bizarre rituals to gods such as Shiva ? (Also known as The Destroyer). For the unsuspecting mind, they will likely cast it away as either not happening, despite the institutes acknowledgement that they are doing these rituals and filming the process or they will fob it off as just a silly game as cognitive dissonance takes over their mind. These trillion dollar institutes do not do silly games for no reason.

CERN Shiva

As you are now aware of Universal Lore and that ‘he who enters the game of another is subject to the rules of that game’, you can begin to see what lies behind these rituals. The important thing to remember is the subtle influence and takeover that occurs once you enter the game of another. If the takeover of the mind was immediate and obvious our survival instinct would kick in and we would collectively become aware of such dangers and the game would be up. But you can see if you were entering the ritual of a secret society by the time you’d done say 11 or 33 rituals your thoughts more often than not would not be your own as with each ritual you have negated your own spirit giving rise to something else to influence your mind and your thoughts. The other thing to remember is that it isn’t just secret societies that perform rituals. Rituals come in all shapes, sizes and forms, the key to remember is whether you are entering another’s game and whether you are buying into that game or just observing? If you remain at ‘zero point’ as the observer and do not try to influence or change the game that you have entered then you remain sovereign and safe from any manipulation.

Also if someone were to take the life of another being, whether it be animal or human a reciprocal exchange of energy may occur where that being has the right to enter the energetic field of the perpetrator. They may take on feelings and sometimes even physical ailments of these animal or human spirits. These can create voices in the head, compulsive disorders, fears, multiple personalities, Tourretes Syndrome and more. It’s important to note that in a session it is never something we go looking for, any beings trapped in your energetic field will be released if they come up in association with the issue we are clearing, leaving you energetically lighter and free.

Anything that weakens our natural defence force such as taking drugs or large amounts of alcohol, or experiencing shock or intense fright and asking for ‘outside’ help in our minds, is also an invite for other energetic beings into our own energetic field. These beings have a consciousness and an agenda and can begin to manipulate your life or cause you to behave and feel in a way that is undesirable to you. Remember the take over and manipulation is extremely subtle, it couldn’t work unless the change in the game was so subtle. Remember your spirit is the all powerful divine creator spirit of this universe, remaining in your own game, living a simple honourable life and through your spirit creating a life of love and abundance, the universe is there to provide this for you always.

Living in honour