Repeating Negative Behaviours

Most people are stuck in moments of time, repeating the same program/patterns over and over, not understanding why. These patterns have an origin ( a ‘Cause’, and our reaction to that Cause creates the ‘Effect’, which is where people become stuck. When a traumatic event or difficult experience occurs, instead of letting go of those emotions and thoughts that we have experienced we hold onto them. In this stressed state the energy becomes trapped around those thoughts and emotions, and that energy gets locked into us, spiralling inwards forming a crystal, locking into the cells of our body.

This crystal of trapped energy has a frequency and is alive.

As everything alive seeks survival – due to the Law of attraction – this crystal of energy (program/ frequency) will attract to its host (you) similar situations and people as the initial one that created it. Therefore we become stuck in a cycle attracting the same experience over and over all the time feeding it with our action & reaction.

Cyclical Time

Until this is cleared from our cellular structure we continue repeating the pattern.

The great thing is we are the creator of our own reality, therefore we can change our reality and create a new outcome for the future. By clearing and replacing those internal dimensions from the past they stop the cycles of time repeating in the future.

Once the Cause of any issue is identified and cleared , it ceases to be and is replaced with a new outcome, created by you for the future. No longer stuck in Action and Reaction you are free to move forward.

Sometimes these issues can come from a past life, some can be passed down through the genetic line, and some are simply created in this lifetime. Only your Spirit can access any of these moments in time and make the necessary changes.

Time moves in cycles. What’s happened before will happen again, but by going back to the Cause and changing it we can have a different outcome for the future. The Universe does not care how long it takes you to evolve, it only waits for you to understand your own creation and learn the lesson.

Creating your own reality

We are responsible for our thoughts words deeds and actions. Some people are not ready to take responsibility for their creations and want somebody else to do it for them, to heal them, but only a creator can change their creation, and empowerment lies in realising and understanding you are in control of your reality. As your HK practitioner i will facilitate and guide you to this new found freedom from your limiting repeating patterns, where you will no longer feel manipulated by others, or allow others to disempower you from creating your future, your life, your experiences, you will be back in control of you, your life.

The first law of the ‘Laws of LORE’ is Intent, if you are ready and willing to look at your creations and take responsibility the Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics can assist you to access the Cause of any issue , so you can change your future.

“Nothing has to be the way it was”© (Steve Richards)