Teslar Machine

The Teslar Machine is a diagnostic and healing machine which can measure one’s health right down to the Chromosomes and DNA and everything in between. Please check the stats table below to see how the Teslar compares with other diagnostic medical equipment such as MRI scans, CT scans, Blood and Urine tests respectively, Also important to note that the diagnostic equipment numbered 5 – 8 on the 2nd chart are very invasive upon the client, they also only deal with the ‘here and now’ and cannot come up with any reasons for the Pathology, unlike the Teslar machine.

Early diagnosis accuracy (%) *

Name of disease groupsTESLARUltrasonic
Pulmonary disease65-72%9-14%10-13%23-31%

Unlike some other methods of hardware diagnostics, «NLS» can detect early stages of many disease processes before the severe clinical manifestations that are poorly diagnosed by other methods – ultrasound, CT, MRI. Absolutely harmless to humans.

Various inspection accuracy comparison of the reference
IDInspection itemsAccuracyCancer, the cell lesion symptoms
TESLAR85%30 cell function variation can be
seen (physical self immunity can
2Blood Test30%
3Urine Test30%
4CT85%More than 0.8 cm tumor
5MRI90%More than 0.6 cm tumor
= 3 million cellular functions,
variation= 2 to 3 phase of cancer
6Positron Emission Tomography95%More than 0.4 cm tumor
764slice CT95%

The Teslar is an incredible tool for diagnosing and healing without having to break the bank or wait in limbo on an ever growing public health waiting list. It will find out where the body is weakening and why. This gives the great advantage of not only being able to single out the causes of the problem but also to make real changes and start the healing process that the client has seeked help for.

The Teslar machine creates energetic medicine, this is done in 2 ways, firstly inverting the energetic frequency of the problem (disease, bacteria, virus) and then also searching for the energetic frequency that will aid in the healing the body of that particular ailment. Such healing treatments used are from Homeopathic and Phytotherapy remedies as well as Schuessler salts, whichever is diagnosed as having the greatest healing benefits to that particular body.

How does this work?

The Teslar machine on command sends the most beneficial energetic frequencies for that issue directly into a bottle of high quality filtered water, which sits on a glass ‘frequency plate’ with the client still in session. Metatherapy is also applied which sends out a healing energetic frequency, which actually includes the beneficial frequencies that the Teslar found during diagnostics, the effects of which can be seen in real time by comparing the original scan with a new scan which can be done in minutes.

However, my research with the Teslar machine alongside Holographic Kinetics has shown even more impressive results and found that once again when we give specific instructions to our Spirit our Spirit has the power to enfold time and space and change that moment in time when the cause and effect first took place thus making immediate beneficial changes to the diagnosed problem. The results are stunning. When I have put the client back on the Teslar machine and done a further scan after the HK session, you can clearly see the big changes that have taken place from that 1st Teslar scan.

The Teslar machine can also categorically prove that our Spirit exists, that it is not just the fantasy or illusion of Indigenous cultures or individuals worldwide. Not only has the Teslar machine proven that our Spirit exists but also that our Spirit carries the holographic imprint of our whole body and also the energetic imprint of everything about us including our thoughts, emotions and physical status