Below I have some testimonials kindly sent to me by clients who have had sessions with me for various issues. I have included the full testimonials to maintain transparency.

As with all HK sessions we looked at a number of issues in each session. Where there was an overall emotion connected to different issues i have entitled that session with a single heading for ease of use.

Please note these testimonies are given after just the one HK session and at least one month after the client has seen me, so that we know the changes are permanent! This is why HK is considered the most powerful modality for mental health available in the world today.

This section also includes my testimonials for the other therapies i work with and are named appropriately.


Addiction + Anger (HK)

Hi my name is Paul I’m just writing this testimony about my healing session with Andrew, using Holographic Kinetics.
I found Andrew on the Counselling Directory for my area. I was going through some difficult times. It was suggested to me, that I needed help. After speaking to Andrew on the phone, he offered me a healing session.

I was a bit sceptical at the start, I thought I didn’t really need help, that I’m a man, I could cope with the situations.

But how wrong was I.

Since the day of the healing, what I went through with Andrew, a great weight has been lifted form me.

It has helped me in a massive way.

I have a better relationship with my wife, I can talk to her about things, without just getting angry and frustrated straight away. I feel like I can now cope with the addictions I had before. The little things that I thought were big things in my life are just little things I can deal with.

I want to thank Andrew, for his time and understanding, for not being judgemental, for his dedication to Holographic Kinetics and assisting me through my journey of recovery.

Paul C (Suffolk)


Abusive Relastionships, Alcohol, Anger, Bowel issues (HK)

I needed a shortcut to my recovery – which is what Andy gave me quickly and effectively. I had honestly tried most therapies seeking relief and recovery, only to find that discussing it didn’t resolve it. Thankfully, a 2 hour session with Andy (where I didn’t even need to say out loud what had happened) took away years of emotional pain in moments.  Highly recommend. With an open mind, Andy can achieve nothing short of miracles.  

Alison (Cambridgeshire)


Client with Bipolar Disorder: Fear of losing control of life, Financial insecurities, Lack of Self Restraint. (HK)

My holographic kinetics session was a truely amazing and interesting experience for me.

I felt that Andy was very professional in his approach with me but friendly and good at creating a relaxing environment for our session.

Although I’d never previously partaken in a holographic kinetics session before, it felt very thorough and I felt confident we’d covered all issues that needed to be addressed.

I felt it was a very powerful, clearing and releasing experience.

The relief I experienced was quite incredible as well.

I did feel somewhat unsettled for a time afterwards as I was processing what had happened in my previous life and the sadness and regret that came with it, but it was as it was, I did what I did with my best intentions and I’m so happy my best friend in that lifetime has been able to now move on from her attachment to me leaving me to be as fully me as I am able.

A month on from my session and it feels like sometime ago now. I feel very happy that I was able to have the session and that it was very valuable and important for me.

I am very grateful for the opportunity.

AH (East Anglia)


Anxiety (HK)

Since receiving my first HK session from Andy all my perspectives on health & being human have taken a huge leap of faith into levels of reality that were previously unrealised.

 Andy’s calm & steady approach made me feel safe enough to venture beyond my limitations.

Years of therapy & other alternative healing modalities have led me to HK , which is both revealing & enabling the release of self limiting thoughts , feelings & reaction patterns .

 Within a few weeks of receiving my first session, I booked on the training and what in unfolding is a totally fascinating journey.

S.A (Essex)


Anger (HK)

To be honest all my family and me think that I have changed for the better! I have stopped  being angry at things I can not control and all round my mood is better! I can’t thank you enough!

B.G (Suffolk)


Anyone thinking about trying Scenar Therapy (PainGenie)

Don’t hesitate, I had a motorbike accident & fractured 11 bones & was in such pain & discomfort.  After hearing of my accident, a friend (Andrew Mackay) called & asked about if I was willing to try Scenar Therapy. I was very hesitant at first but was in so much pain I was willing to try anything. I researched this & also spoke to my orthopaedic surgeon & physiotherapist who were overseeing my recovery, they both had heard of this treatment & suggested I tried it. Well I am so glad that I did, this therapy dramatically helped with my pain management & each session helped with my recovery, doctors & physios were also amazed at how quick I recovered from my injuries, a big part of this recovery was down to my Scenar Therapy (PainGenie) sessions.

Paul Salter (Ipswich)


Knee Injury (Pain Genie)

We walked into Andrew’s treatment room with our son who was on crutches and in a great deal of pain & discomfort after an impact injury sustained whilst playing rugby one month prior. After x-rays and a CT scan he was diagnosed with a badly bruised bone.  The hospital told us there was no treatment other than rest and time (up to 5 months) Three Scenar frequency treatments in 8 days via the”Paingenie”, and Aiden was off his crutches and well on the road to a much quicker recovery. All this was thanks to Andrew  Mackay and his care, attention, and expertise in his treatment methods.

Highly recommend for any type of pain/injury

Charlie Hughes (Ipswich)


Addiction (HK)

“Andrew is a kind man, who seemed genuinely interested in helping me. My addiction was cleared in one session and made me aware of my spirit that I didn’t know I had before, would highly recommend!”


R.H (Suffolk)


Self Worth (HK)

  “I went to see Andrew for a Holographic Kinetics session a few months ago. This was a healing modality which was completely new to me at the time and I wasn’t sure what the end result would be, although it certainly sounded intriguing.

 There were a number of issues that I felt I needed help to work on and to be able to release.

 Andrew was really helpful in guiding me, prior to our session together, to be able to focus on what some of the more core underlying issues were. There were feelings of unworthiness and not being able to allow myself to be honest and give my True Self its full expression.

 I had been feeling increasingly isolated, alone and rather ‘stuck’ in my life, all of which had been exacerbated by the effects of the lockdowns.

 I was feeling a strong need to move from the place where I was living and relocate closer to like hearted friends before the winter months set in but at the time I had no idea how that might happen as my initial investigations hadn’t yielded any obvious results and my budget seem to be less than adequate to cover the expenses that would be required, even if a suitable place could be found in such a short time.

 My session with Andrew focused on removing the energetic blockages that were standing in the way of any meaningful beneficial change happening.

 To my surprise, within a very short space of time after the session and under what seemed quite honestly to be magical circumstances, I was offered a really good place for me to move to, at a rent that I could afford.

 Obstacles which had seemed almost insurmountable previously began to fall away, without much seeming effort on my part.

 It is now over four months later and I’m happily settled in my new place and new town which I like very much more than the previous ones. At the same time I’m still close enough to my previous location to be able to keep up with my family commitment there.

 This all feels like a definite ‘win win’ as they say and I have little doubt that if it were not for the session with Andrew I might still be stuck in my previous unhappy situation, rather than experiencing lots of positive and beneficial change and movement in my life right now.

 Thank you again, Andrew and I can definitely recommend your holographic kinetic sessions to anyone finding themselves in a similar life situations.

 Kind regards,

 N.G (Essex)


Embarrassment. Self criticism. Always seeking approval. (HK)

I contacted Andrew as I was experiencing lack of confidence and had developed a strong tendency to respond negatively to situations that did not need such a response. From my own thoughts and my initial discussions with Andrew it was evident that this behaviour had its roots in my early childhood. Andrew then explained Holographic Kinetics to me, a concept I was previously unfamiliar with, and I opted for a session of this procedure rather than going down the route of conventional counselling. Having researched further the process prior to my appointment I knew roughly what to expect, and was not disappointed. While the intensity left me feeling a little strange (though not unpleasantly so) for a short while afterwards, a month on I am feeling altogether more positive and determined.


Keith (Suffolk)


Anger (HK)

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for your enquiry, I am very well.

My initial feelings were of a strange relaxation mixed with scepticism of what seemed to be ‘mumbo-jumbo’, especially the choosing of a page by ‘spirit communication’. 

That reminded me of the I-Ching where any page can be interpreted as good advice or the revelation of inner troubles.

However;  I do appear to be changed! 

As time has gone by, I have discovered a freedom from buried insecurity and inadequacy that had previously caused me to be sensitive to criticism and to some people, frighteningly reactive. Despite my scepticism, it seems like something dark inside me has gone.

I also feel free from the nameless dread resulting from half remembered events in my early childhood.

You spoke of a test:  Yes of course; social interaction inevitably produces tests and the human condition is to deal with them, one way or another, or give offense by walking away.

I have had such a test that before my visit would have led to seriously unwanted consequences, however; this time, I did not allow the issue to become confrontational and a gentle response allowed a good outcome.


T.D (Suffolk)