Game of Life

Don’t wait for perfect

So what exactly are we doing here on this planet? What is the meaning of our existence? Is this the lowest form of heaven and paradoxically the highest form of hell. Look around at the world today and we can see both parallels wherever we choose to focus our attention.

With being tasked of navigating through the labyrinth of life, experiencing the joys of creating and bringing new life into the world and yet on the reverse side experiencing and dealing with deep trauma we stumble through a myriad of thoughts and emotions. Understanding that we are the creators of our own reality brings a whole new concept as to why we are here and what our purpose is. So many experiences, so many challenges, it makes the most in-depth video game look like a game of hopscotch.

So what if this reality is but a game for our spiritual selves to traverse from birth to death. On the metaphysical life is a game; you are the creator of all your created dimensional games and a co-creator to all other games, you may change your game anytime you wish or step out of any chosen co-created game. It is your actions and reactions that permit you to enter the game of another or you may be at point zero and be the observer to all the games and thus not be affected, the choice is always up to you. Always remain in your own game. Remember he who enters the game of another is subject to the laws of that game. You can clearly see this in our waking physical life. If i was to step into your home, who’s rules am i subject to, the same goes vice versa.

During a Holographic Kinetic session the agreement made with client and practitioner to make the changes that the client wants cannot be broken, interfered with or manipulated by any other being on this or any other dimension. That agreement is sacred and based on the laws of Universal LORE. This becomes a co-created game between client and practitioner for the duration of the clients session.

Gift of life

In the developed western world we have forgotten who we are, we either do not recognise or have not been taught how to align with our Spirit. Most people are not aware of just how often they make agreements and thus enter the game of another and are thus subject to the laws of that game, thus the game of manipulation can take place. However, the it is important to be aware of just how subtle that process is, if it was any different it would not work as people would become wise to it. This is why it is so effective for those who choose to deceive and manipulate beyond the visible spectrum (see Multi Dimensions of Man). Take politics for example; not every politician has started their career with the intent to deceive, but once they have entered that game, slowly but surely attitudes change, intentions change, actions change.

Agreements, including these subtle ones that we are not aware we are making, are totally linked to the decisions we make and commit ourselves to and as an effect we lock in as our reality. 

We see this magnified in society today, the more numbers of individual people that agree with something, the more this reinforces the reality of that agreement. look no further than post March 2020 to see how this can manifest on a world scale. Agreements can become solid beliefs and even grow so potent in force that we think it is naturally a part of our personality. This goes for both sides of the spectrum as the unsuspecting fall into the age old doctrine of ‘divide and rule‘. If our thoughts, actions and reactions are not empowering ourselves and or humanity and the earth, is it merely the effect of a decision that was made somewhere along the line,  one that gained momentum and power through being continually reinforced? Paul Levy’s work on Wetiko encapsulate aspects of this game of life very well.

If we change the agreements that have been made, we change the outcomes of our life and in turn become more and more free. We also reclaim the ability to be the creator of our life, one that benefits humanity as a whole not just big business, governments and corporations!

Life’s Journey

If you wish to break agreements to the old games that you entered, or to the co-created games you are a part of and see the stark differences that will be made in your life, contact me now