Your Journey Begins

Achieving real results in physical and mental health therapy using ancient knowledge and cutting edge science technology. 

Healing your Mind, Body and Spirit

Bringing your life back into balance

Holographic Kinetics

Holographic Kinetics (HK) is the most effective mental health healing therapy around today, achieving fast results in so many areas. 

Are you stuck in destructive repeating patterns? Emotional, psychological or physical?

Holographic Kinetics (HK) transcends all other mental health therapies, bringing balance back into your life.

There is no trance work or hypnotherapy this is not New Age hype or shamanic healing, it is however a highly successful modality as so many testimonies prove.


Do you want help in clarifying issues, or to explore your options or to develop new strategies whilst increasing self-awareness?

My passion for self-development and inner awareness coupled with the depth of healing which HK provided me means i have the stability, compassion and ability to help hold clients in ‘safe space’ regardless of the enormity of the issue.

The first step is normally the hardest, you are here now. Contact me for details.

Pain Genie

Pain Genie

The Pain Genie is a state of the art pain relief device using advanced Scenar technology to fast track the body’s self healing capability.  

Bringing the body back into homeostasis, the Pain Genie is highly effective in many forms of pain relief including back and neck pain, migraines, stomach pains, arthritis, fractures, sports injuries, RSI, IBS, aching joints and much much more.

Teslar Machine

Sacred Geometry Torus Field Flower of Life

The Teslar machine is a state of the art, safe, non-invasive diagnostic and healing machine. It measures the health of your body from head to toe and everything in between, right down to your DNA and even your aura. Again results are achieved immediately and can be accessed instantly.

With the Teslar machine we are able to pinpoint the cause and therefore work directly on that issue.

The Teslar heals the body in real time through the use of energetic frequencies and can create healing energy medicine to take away with you.

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