True peaceful warrior

I am an accredited professional member of the National Counselling Society (NCS13-00325) since 2015 and whilst i view Holographic Kinetics as the Rolls Royce of solution based therapy i feel it is important to acknowledge that there are clients who require someone with whom they are able to share their story in a safe space.

Helping you to clarify issues, explore your options and develop new strategies whilst increasing self-awareness

There are clients who stories are so traumatic, so damaging that they find it difficult to find a therapist who can hold them in a safe space, without being triggered themselves. This is not to cast any aspersions on any other therapists, quite the opposite. Empathetic counsellors hold their clients with the highest regard and truly want what is best for their clients and sometimes when the damage is so great their compassionate nature leaves them feeling at a loss, it can leave them feeling very vulnerable themselves so deep is the trauma of their client.

Fortunately, my passion for self-development and inner standing and the depth at which Holographic Kinetics works (4 years of courses and practice weekends) on all levels and dimensions puts me in a strong and compassionate position whereby i can continue to hold a safe space for my clients despite the enormity of the issue. Indeed, one of the greatest tools at the hands of the HK practitioner is the continual self-clearing of thoughts and emotions in real time during a HK session with a client.

 The very nature of Counselling means that the absorption of our client’s trauma and emotions requires counsellors to seek regular Supervision to off-load the weight of the heavier issues they may deal with, i take my hat off to those counsellors each and every day.

recognising vulnerability equals strength